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2006 to 2010

2006 to 2010


  • Fifteen students led by Jim Herbert (3rd visit), Nick Wardale and Angelica Kitchiner along with James Partridge, a past JKHS student, visited KCN.
  • JKHS sixth formers sponsored five sixth formers at KCN.
  • JKHS and Friends of St Mary’s church have raised more funds for the Technology Building.
  • Ross and District primary schools sent out curriculum materials and donations for books and, in one case, a new roof. There has been an exchange of photographs showing ways of life.
  • Christ Church and Ross Catholic church continue to assist the erection of sister churches.
  • Ross Baptists continue to help the family of the late Simon Wuuna and have joined the Mosquito Net Project.
  • Another 400 bednets were distributed this year.
  • Ross Rotary continues to help the Medical Unit. This year with bednets for the wards and by sending out medical equipment.
  • Ross Lions’ borehole is now well in use by 1000+ people daily.


  • Fourteen students and three staff leaders, Chris Toomer, Alan and Pauline Jordan (Weston PS) visited KCN.
  • More JKHS and Friends of St. Mary’s church funds were handed over to KCN for the Technology Block and Alan Jordan advised HT, Deborah Wesonga on logistics and layout.
  • 300 more bednets were distributed to villagers.
  • They also produced a short film on the effects of HIV/AIDS at KCN and Ross Orphanage.
  • A staff, family and JKHS governors’ group of twelve people also visited Namutumba, led by Gareth Hughes, surprising the students at KCN.
  • Research on technology was carried out at Pallisa Skills Training Centre. Members taught lessons and visited all the projects.
  • There was great interest from Sue and Bryan Jones in the Technology Block as they had helped raise much of the money to date for the project. Bryan also inspected the KCN scout group.
  • The group met the Mayor of Namutumba passing on letters and town crest from the Mayor of Ross.
  • They took part in a conference of Primary School head teachers on links, chaired by the President of Uganda’s representative.
  • James Mugenyi visited Ross-on-Wye in June. There was a surprise party in his honour attended by 150 past students and friends, most of whom had visited Namutumba.


  • Fifteen students, led by Dave Chatwin , Karen Frost, Chair of JKHS governors and her husband John , and two Teaching assistants, Karen Powell and Claire Millinczuk.
  • As well as the usual programme of lessons, discussions and sports they gave out 300 bednets and produced a mural jointly with KCN students depicting the Ross-Namutumba Link for its fifteenth anniversary.
  • Dave Chatwin assisted the Senior Management of KCN plan further for the growing Technology Block and handed more funds from JKHS and friends of St Mary’s to HT Deborah Wesonga.



  • The second Ross adult group, Frances David, Laurie and Sheila Jarrett led by Gareth Hughes visits Namutumba in January as part of a reconnaissance for further Ross groups in the future as part of the twinning. They set up a Carbon Offset scheme for Ross groups for future visits.
  • In July, seventeen students led by Derek Pawling, Julie and Wakefield Turner, Heather Collinson and Gareth Hughes visit Namutumba, staying in the newly built Guest House at KCN.
  • The group helped to plaster walls, learnt how to cook Uganda style and painted another mural with KCN sixth formers.
  • They distributed another 200 bednets to villagers, visited the mayor and the Medical Unit.
  • Derek Pawling, Rees Williams and James Lester climbed Mount Elgon (over 14000 feet) as part of a Gold DoE expedition.
  • The Ross-Namutumba Link Organisation is set up as an umbrella organisation to assist the many school and community links that have arisen over the years.


  • Fourteen students, led by Angelica Kitchiner, Frazer Smith accompanied by Laura Hackett and Kathy Mace from Whitchurch PS who stayed with the Mugenyi household and visited and taught at their own link school, St Mulumba PS, Namalemba.
  • The group undertook the customary programme of teaching, debates, learning local customs, visiting student’s homes, visiting Ross projects and linked primary schools.
  • A series of videos of the visit compiled by Frazer Smith can be found on You Tube.
  • They distributed another 200 bed nets to the local community.
  • A container called Silas arrives in Uganda and a large consignment of tools and equipment sourced from WORKAID is despatched to KCN for use in the almost finished Technology Block.
    Rethreads local and international charity shop opens in Ross and funds are raised for the Ross-Namutumba Link organisation to send to projects in Namutumba.