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In 2000, Ross Baptist Church pledged to help blind Kisiki College teacher, Simon Wuuna, build a house. Sadly, Simon died in 2001 but the church finished the house and continues to send funds to help his three children through their schooling to this day./

Christ Church, Ross-on-Wye established a link with St. Jacob’s Church, Namalemba in 2001 and have, with the local parishioners, built a large new church alongside the old one. The church was consecrated by the Bishop of Busoga in 2011, marking ten years of endeavour by both churches.

St Mary’s Parish Church has, through its “Friends” link assisted JKHS in building and furbishing the Technology Block at Kisiki College. This project was started by Sue Jones and Pam Altree after Sue visited Namutumba for the first time in 2004. The block was first in use by the whole school in 2011.

St Francis of Rome RC Church Ross-on-Wye has helped to fund the building of a new Catholic Church in Namutumba between 2007 and 2010. Since 2011 its children’s group has raised funds to help Kalamira Catholic Primary school in Namutumba.

St Maughan’s and Tregunnock Church near Monmouth has been assisting developments at Ross Orphanage from 2008 to 2010 and since then the Kjansi Orphanage near Entebbe.


Kjansi pupils welcome the Ross group to their school


Mrs Deborah Wesonga shows the group the dormitory. Many beds were due to donations from the church.


The children loved their new playground equipment, donated by the church


The new photocopier/printer speeds up the admin work



Some of the pupils pose for a photograph!


Ross Baptist Church Simon Wuuna’s house and family
Christ Church (Meth/Cong) Ross-on-Wye St Jacob’s Church, Namunyumya
St Mary’s Parish Church Kisiki College Technology Block, Namutumba and The Disability Group, Namutumba
St Francis of Rome RC Church, Ross-on-Wye St James’s Catholic Church, Namutumba and Kalamira Primary School
St Maughan’s and Tregunnock Church Ross & Kjansi Orphanages