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1993 to 2000

1993 to 2000


  • Bishop Cyprian of the Busoga Diocese was invited to visit John Kyrle High School by Deputy Head, Frances David. Funds are raised for a borehole by David Rose, Jim Herbert and Year 7 pupils. Kisiki College, Namutumba is selected as the link school.


  • More funds raised and two sixth formers, Katie Sherlock and Liz Stewart visit Kisiki College, Namutumba.


  • More funds raised and the Library project is selected thus enabling the development of a sixth form in KCN. Sian Every and Amy Jones visit the school and Maria’s Orphanage in Kamuli.


  • The JKHS sixth form pays for the visit of the late Lewis Eswilu in June. Two more sixth formers visit KCN, Trudie Gibbons and Rebecca Fanning. The library is roofed and KCN ex-student, Paul Muleebi visits Ross.


  • Jim Herbert leads a group of eight sixth formers to Namutumba. Harewood End Farmers Association purchase a donor goat for the community.



  • Gareth Hughes visits Namutumba with ten sixth formers. The library is complete with furniture. Seven Ross and District Primary schools link with counterparts in Namutumba and Busembatia towns. Monmouth School for Girls links with Luala Girls School. A Protected Spring is sponsored by the school.


  • Eight more sixth formers visit Namutumba with two members of staff, Chris Toomer and Gareth Hughes.
  • More funds raised by JKHS means that buildings can be painted, the library is extended and a security fence is built around KCN.
  • Ross businesses sponsor a roof catchment water scheme for KCN.
  • DHL Tewkesbury agree to send 10Kgs of books free every month to KCN.
  • Another six primaries join the consortium of links.
  • Substantial curriculum links are developed between JKHS and KCN.
  • Charles Maganda and the headteacher of KCN, Elizabeth Kuzegera and link teacher, James Mugenyi visit Ross.
  • JKHS joins the One World Linking Association (UKOWLA).
  • Pendeen surgery and Rimmer Bros. assist the Medical Unit in Namutumba whilst Ross Pre-School Playgroup raise money for Maria’s Orphanage.
  • Monmouth Agricultural Society fund another farming project.
  • Monmouth Comprehensive, Lady Hawkins and Bishop Stortford HSFG’s link with schools in Uganda.
  • Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education links with Kaliro Training College.
  • Past JKHS student, Owain Hughes, completes two weeks of research on Farming in the Busoga region for his university dissertation assisted by James and Judith Mugenyi.


  • Dave Chatwin and Christine Morris take a group of eight students to Namutumba.
  • More curriculum links develop between JKHS and KCN.
  • Simon Wuuna, the blind leader of the Disabled group at KCN joins the Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford on a six month course. Equipment is sent out with him from RNCB when he returns to Namutumba.
  • Rita Nabujibi and Staney Isamula visit Ross.
  • Staff inset on International citizenship at JKHS led by Concern Universal, Hereford and sponsored by the Central Bureau, London.
  • More funds raised by JKHS and local businesses to complete the laboratory and furbish the library at KCN. 44 Kgs of laboratory equipment is sent out from LABAID, Amersham. KCN holds its first practical science lesson.
  • Several Ross opticians join the used spectacles scheme.
  • Ross “Churches Together” raise funds to assist with a water supply in Namutumba.