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In 1999, Pendeen Surgery and local business, Rimmer Bros. provided funds and medical equipment for the DMU.

Between 2001 and 2008, Ross Rotary Club assisted the Namutumba District Medical unit with funds to build and completely furbish a medical ward for Women and Children at the unit. They also helped them to erect a roof catchment water scheme and dig latrines.

Since 2005, JKHS students have raised money for anti-malarial bed nets for the boarders at Kisiki College and for children in Namutumba. Two to three hundred nets have been distributed every year to since then to help curb this scourge.

Pendeen Surgery and Rimmer Bros. Medical equipment for the District Medical Unit
Ross-on-Wye Rotary Club Namutumba District Medical Unit
John Kyrle High School, Ross-on-Wye Distribution of Mosquito Nets