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2001 to 2005

2001 to 2005


  • The sad news of Simon Wuuna’s death is announced on March 12th. Further donations from Ross Baptist Church and other donors help to finish the construction of his house and assist his three children with their school fees.
  • Jim Herbert and Peter Hughes lead thirteen students to KCN. They were joined by Peter and Jill Steward who had a link with Namutumba since Ross Grammar School days. Also with the group was Ann Forbes of Herts. and Essex High School for Girls who was visiting their new link school, Eden High School, Kampala.
  • The group officially opened the library which was well stocked with books sent out through the DHL sponsorship.
  • A group of fifteen students from Cheltenham & Gloucester College’s Environmental Studies Department led by Jane Roberts visit Kaliro TC, taking fifteen computers with them.
  • Also in 2001, Gareth Hughes and Chris Toomer went to KCN in July to forge new links thanks to sponsorship from the British Council. Past student, Dominic Clare joined them to undertake a tourism survey for his undergraduate dissertation. They were best man and ushers respectively in the marriage of James and Judith Mugenyi at Namalemba.
  • They opened the new Computer Room at KCN with its ten networked computers donated by parents of JKHS, Sun Valley, Hereford and SCA Packaging, Lydbrook and met with the co-ordinator of Schools Net Uganda to set up a training facility for staff.
  • They also presented a donation of £4000 from Ross Rotary to The District Medical Unit at Namutumba for the construction of a Women’s and children’s ward.
    A donation of £600 was given to the Mugenyi family from Christ Church, Ross-on-Wye to start the construction of a new church at Namalemba.



  • Twenty-five students visited Uganda in July led by Gareth Hughes and Tony Morris and past JKHS student,. This is the largest group yet. , James Castree (2nd visit)
    Bishop Michael Kyomya and his wife, Florence visit John Kyrle High School and meet representatives of the local clergy and the Mayor of Ross. Tentative arrangements for Town Twinning are laid.
  • The New Life church donate funds towards purchasing benches for a new church near Jinja and want to link with this church.
  • Ross Quakers contribute towards the Kisiki fund.
  • Ross Baptist Church donates over £1000 towards helping the late Simon Wuuna’s family. School Governor, Rob Mason pledges to help his children through their schooling for the next five years.
  • Ross Methodist and United Reform Church continue to assist the church at Namunyumya.
  • Another group from the new University of Gloucestershire visits Kaliro Training College and also visits Kisiki College, Namutumba.
  • John Kyrle High School raises £2500 for Kisiki College. This is to be used for refurbishing the science area, setting up a blind unit at the college in memory of the late Simon Wuuna and helping health workers in their outreach work.
  • The visit of Judith Mugenyi to Ross-on-Wye in March is a great success. Funding is found to assist her Health care teaching role in Uganda.
  • Ross Rotary Club pledge their continued support for their project at the village Health Clinic and plan to raise more money through their International Committee.
  • Ross Lions will raise funds for a new water source for Namutumba village.
  • The school receives curriculum materials in art, English and geography from Kisiki College. In return the school continues to send out 10 kgs of goods – books, a braille machine and football kits – every month through its link with DHL.
  • Ten disposable cameras are sent to Kisiki College for their students to take photographs of important things in their lives. JKHS students will do the same and both schools will exhibit the resulting photographs.
  • Two more Kisiki College teachers visit JKHS in May under our reciprocal arrangement initiative. They are deputy head, John Sabaganzi and Director of Studies, Peter Mukose.


  • Ross Rotary raise a further £2500 to complete latrines, ceilings and provide a roof-catchment water scheme for the District Medical Unit at Namutumba.
  • The new headteacher of Kisiki College, Mr Mesusera Wamboko visited JKHS in May to re-affirm the link. He compiled a report to the governors in which he outlined the benefits of the link to Kisiki College.
  • HM Queen Elizabeth II visited JKHS in June and signed a letter of friendship to Kisiki College and Namutumba – a rare occurrence for her to sign such a letter in public.
  • Chris Toomer, making his third visit, and Denise Smith headed this year’s group to Uganda with the fourteen students.
  • Accompanying the group this time was Raja Stokes, past chairman of Ross Rotary who went to open the Medical Unit at Namutumba in a special ceremony with Iganga Rotary Club.
  • Head Girl, Jenni Skirrow presented the letter from the Queen to the Headmaster and the Council Leader of Namutumba.
  • A further £1000 was raised by JKHS this year to continue the refurbishment of the three science labs and obtain the necessary furniture for them.
  • Also in the Summer of 2003, Gareth and Christine Hughes paid a private visit to Kisiki College, staying for a week at the Mugenyi’s and teaching and carrying out other link activities at Namutumba. Whilst there they were able to buy videotapes on health issues for the St Florence Outreach Centre and a TV and VCR for KCN, using link funds.


  • Sixteen students left for Uganda in July lead by Dave Chatwin(2nd visit) and John Penn. Also accompanying the group were past student, Sarah Jones and her mother Sue. They took with them donations from several Ross churches to help build/renovate counterparts in and around Namutumba.
  • Ross Rotary continues to assist the DMU by sending out medical equipment.
  • £1500 raised by JKHS to finish the science lab refurbishment.
  • JKHS welcomed Opio Gresom, deputy head teacher of Kisiki College, in the Spring. In discussion with Gresom and later at KCN with the committee, it was agreed that the JKHS community should begin a long-term effort to enhance technology education at KCN by building and furbishing a Technology Suite.
  • There have been several curriculum links again this year in geography, science and English. The former won an award as part of the ALUCAN recycling project and the resultant £200 was taken by the group and presented to the Namutumba Council to start a refuse collection scheme.
  • JKHS achieved the British Council International Schools Award, partly because of the Uganda link. It is the first secondary school in Herefordshire to do so. Gareth and Christine Hughes represented JKHS at the British Council International Schools Award Ceremony in London in October.
  • Ten Kgs of books etc. has been sent out monthly thanks to the ongoing link with DHL Tewkesbury.
  • The new Technology Project at Kisiki College starts well. Twenty computers are obtained from Haywood School, Coleford to add to the 10 sent out in 2000.
  • Sue Jones and Pam Altree raise funds on behalf of St. Mary’s Church towards buying sewing machines and beginning the building of the new Technology block at Kisiki College. Many parents have donated typewriters. JKHS is also in touch with “Tools for Self-Reliance” and hopes to obtain technology tools and equipment from this source.
  • A hugely successful UKOWLA country conference on Uganda is hosted by JKHS in November attended by over 100 people from organisations across Britain and addressed by the Ugandan High Commissioner. James and Judith Mugenyi also addressed the meeting as representatives from “the South”.
  • Ross Methodists presented James and Judith with funds for the continuing building programme at their local church, St. James’ Church, Namalemba.
  • Ross Lions Club present JKHS with £800 at the Prize evening in December so that a start can be made on the proposed new borehole at Namutumba.
  • Opio Gresom, Deputy Head teacher KCN visits Ross-on-Wye.
  • JKHS assists Nawasega SS, a very poor school by providing emergency funding and science equipment in order that the school is not closed down as an examinations centre.


  • This years’ group led by Peter Hughes (2nd visit) and Gareth Hughes, comprised 12 students .
  • The third science laboratory refurbishment will be finished in the Autumn term and new tables and stools have been bought.
  • Ten sewing machines for immediate use were bought locally and this year’s funds, including the majority of the £1500, raised by Sue Jones and Pam Altree on behalf of St. Mary’s Church and they will be used to start the Technology Block.
  • The group fixed 6 computers, some of which had been damaged in transit, so there are now 21 in working order. They are used for lessons and by local business people in the evenings.
  • A coin collection by Lower School pupils was used to give all KCN boarders and 50 villagers mosquito nets.
  • The group met three of the sixth form students that they have been sponsoring through their A levels this year and were delighted to hear that they had all obtained university places. One had received a prestigious government scholarship to Makerere University, Kampala – usually achieved by students in larger, wealthier, urban schools.
  • Seven of Ross and District’s primary schools re-linked with their counterparts around Namutumba and sent out money and disposable cameras for a curriculum project in the Autumn term.
  • Ross Rotary’s emergency funding for a water tank at Namutumba Health Unit to replace one that was stolen earlier this year was delivered by the group and work was started immediately on finishing the building ready for its use as a Women’s and Children’s ward.
  • Despite geological problems and the consequent need for more funding a site for the Ross Lions’ bore hole was found whilst the group was there.
  • Simon Wuuna’s family received their annual funds, donated by Ross Baptists, at a moving ceremony at the late Simon’s house.
  • St Florence, the outreach health centre run by Judith Mugenyi, received more funds from Hereford Methodists to continue the new build.
  • Nawansega SS received more funding to assist the students in this remote, badly funded, secondary school headed by ex-Kisiki deputy headteacher, John Sabaganzi. 100Kgs of LABAID equipment was delivered to the school.
  • Hunderton Junior School, Hereford’s donation to its linked primary school was presented by Peter Hughes.
  • Joseph Nabongo visited Ross-on-Wye in June.
  • Gareth and Christine Hughes represented JKHS at the British Council International Schools Award Ceremony in London in October.